What is My Purpose in Life?

June 4, 2012 | posted in: Spirituality | by 2 Comments

What is my purpose in life? Why am I here? Is there an order to the universe? Do I make a difference?

I have pondered these questions for years, much like you I suspect, and although the answers have come in many models, I know that I have just scratched the surface of my understanding.  Having been a student of truth for the past 40 years, I have studied many teachings, philosophies and techniques, experimenting and discarding systems of mind expansion and enlightenment. I feel that the positive thinking era is no longer a powerful enough model for man to live by. It is time to go deeper within the power of the mind to explore our innate potential for creativity.

Through positive thinking we can affirm a truth and in the beginning the mind will expand beyond the parameters of its normal thinking. These good thoughts will flow with the movement of the universal thought pattern and attain a higher level of energy and creativity than ever reached before and we find our lives changing dramatically.  After a period of time, perhaps a year or maybe six to eight years, we realize that the initial growth in consciousness that was so life changing hasn’t expanded any further. We are not growing in depth, we are just maintaining or perhaps even feel ourselves slipping back into our earlier attitudes and mind sets.

This is the time to go deeper into mind, deeper into soul. It is not a matter of reading another book or attending another class because books and teachers can only give their opinions, beliefs and theories. When we find ourselves voicing someone else’s belief, we can know that this is not our own soul understanding and therefore cannot create for us from the depths of our being. All of the techniques and methods that we use can only manifest from the level of our understanding. The deeper our understanding of truth, the more powerful our demonstration. We can affirm ‘God is my source’ for years and perhaps attain a fairly consistent level of prosperity from a surface awareness of that statement. Once we go deeper and ponder this statement as well as the concept of truth behind it, we must question, “What does God is my source mean? What is God? What is source?” we find that a new level of understanding emerges, not someone else’s belief but our own awareness of this knowing and we find that our manifestations are very different. On a surface level “God is my source’ might bring unexpected income, a better paying job, but at a deeper level, it can mean a consistent flow of abundance in all areas of life coming from an inexhaustible reservoir of plenty. The methods of manifestation matter not, the techniques are numerous but the degree of success depends on the depth of understanding. It is no longer enough to create a picture in our mind of our desire and affirm that it is so. For the novice perhaps, for the serious student on the path, the thought must go deeper. There needs to be a soul understanding of the principle behind the thought. Visualizing and affirming are still good as long as we have the faith behind the picture that all things are possible to one who believes.

Spiritual study is the study of life from a deeper perspective and it is individual in its comprehension. As we go beneath the surface of thought and journey inward, truth is revealed not in quantum leaps but in doses that we can grasp and integrate in our daily lives. The importance of this inner journey is to reveal our life’s lessons and purpose, to create an opening for greater understanding and to move us into an experience of universal oneness. This is not found in books but rather in the silence of our own mind. W can touch that inner source of knowledge and awareness through a daily discipline of silent observation. Silent observation is simply taking some time each day for sitting in the silence, breathing gently and observing the thoughts that enter and flow through the mind. Whatever knowledge is needed will surface because we have created an opening in our mind for its arrival.

The wisdom that lies within us is tuned to our individual growth and will guide us to the right and perfect place for us at all times. Our own unfolding path does not always meet our worldly expectations thus the inner struggle between mental manipulation and spiritual growth. Following a vision in life is being open to unexpected turns in the road. Goals that are etched in stone leave no space for twists and turns and therefore are very limiting to our inner journey. Sitting in the silence is not an event but simply an experience of quiet solitude. It is sometimes difficult to be with ourselves in the quiet. You can listen to a meditation CD that takes you into the quiet. Whatever works for you. Be easy with yourself. This journey is one of great joy.

Affirmation: My life is unfolding in its right and perfect way and I am grateful.


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  1. Very beautifully written Carole. I love to read your posts; they inspire me to take a few moments to relax; to breathe . . .

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