We Live in a Friendly Universe

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“Great men are they who see that the spiritual is stronger than any material force and that thought rules the world.”

                                                Ralph Waldo Emerson

The basic premise of abundant living is that we are part of a much larger system of intelligence which governs this universe. When we fully understand our connection to source energy, life becomes a total thrill because we accept we live in a friendly universe that is always conspiring to bring us our good.

WE are extensions of source energy and therefore have total access to that stream of creativity. We live in a universe of inclusion, there is no exclusion. We tap into source with our every thought and we are always answered with a yes! If we have thoughts of lack and limitation, the universe says yes! If your thoughts are of love and appreciation, the universe says yes! Either way, the law of attraction goes to work and brings to us people, situations and experiences that are in alignment with our thoughts. We get what we think about whether we consciously realize it or not. The law of gravity continues to exist and affect us even when we are not consciously aware of it. That is the same promise of how the law of attraction works.

The really exciting thing about this process of attraction is that we don’t have to know exactly what we want for our good to come to us. For instance, if we set an intention for a new creative expression and then try not to figure it out but just get out of the way, we will find that the doors that open for us are far greater then we could have asked for.


Create a vision board with pictures that represent your desires. Put powerful statements on there that lift you up and bring you into alignment with your desires. Focus on it daily; get into the feelings that are evoked when you think of your desires as if they were already manifested.


The universe conspires to bring me my good. I am open and receptive.

Have you ever done a vision board? Let me know how this works for you.


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