The Winter Solstice

December 22, 2011 | posted in: Spirituality | by 3 Comments

Today marks the Winter Solstice, the shortest day and the longest night in the Northern Hemisphere. It represents the birthing of the light which grows longer each day as we enter the time of spring awakening.

Traditionally, we are celebrating the birth of the Christ light, the awakening of the light within each of us. Over time, we may have allowed our light within to dim because of disappointment or loss but at anytime we can recognize our inherent nature and allow the light that is us, has always been us to shine once again in all of its brilliance.

That light is your connection to source, to God or whatever you call your connection to the creative life force from which we all have come. Make this Holiday Season of 2011 be the brightest one ever for you. Be the light of love for yourself, your family, your friends and the world

Affirmation: I let my light shine!

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  1. Hi Carole! I just finished your marvelous little book, The Adventures of CJ and Angel, such a sweet story. The next thing on my list is, The Power of Choice. I’m also subscribing to your blog and look forward to coming back often. Have a happy and blessed New Year.

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