The Power of Intention

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“We do act and yet everything we do is God’s creative action.” Rumi

What is an intention? A desire of your heart that is calling you, such as relationship, career, healthy body or financial freedom. Something that causes your life to become bigger than it is right now. An idea you don’t know how to achieve that you must surrender and allow source energy to dictate.

Feelings are the key. A belief without feeling is a thought. A belief with feeling is an intention. Clear intentions bring you into alignment with your desire and being aligned connects you into source energy. Then you thoughts and feelings are congruent. For instance, if you are setting your intention for dollars to flow and you are at the gas pump filling your tank, bless the oil companies that supply your needs instead of cursing them. That will serve to keep you in a high vibration and dollars will flow.

There is a difference between positive thinking and affirmative thinking. You can be positive that you are broke or sick or depressed. You can be positive that the world is filled with angry, hateful people. Affirmative thinking is the realization that the nature of the universe is good and when we align ourselves with it, when we surrender to it, when we embody it, miracles happen.

Exercise: Three steps to setting intentions:

  1. Decide what you want. Think big.

a)  Remember that you can’t make a mistake. Perhaps you want a new career, an improved marriage, joy in your heart, and peace of mind, financial stability or a healthy body.

  1. Write affirmative statements.

a)  Write these statements in the first person with powerful, uplifting words that affirm your connection to source. When you launch a rocket of desire, the universe answers YES!

b)  Get into the feeling of already having achieved your desire.

c)  After choosing what you want and affirming it, your work is to allow your good to come to you, to be available to it. The best way to do that is to imagine how it feels to have your desire already in your life. See yourself exercising your healthy body, feel the peace and joy of a loving relationship, imagine how it feels to have dollars flowing easily.

  1. Let go of any attachment to the outcome.

a)   Let the universe handle the details. This is so important. You don’t have to figure out “HOW” your good will come to you. You only have to feel its presence. You connection to source energy, your higher self will handle the “HOW”. We are so accustomed to “making” things happen that we work really hard at everything. Your work is to get out of the way and allow your good to come to forth. As you do the inner work, you will be guided to inspired action.

Affirmation: I am open and receptive to my highest good.

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