The Divine Relationship

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“There is only one relationship out of which all others are born, that is the divine relationship we have with “self.”

The Human desire is for relationship! From the time we enter the planet, we need others to nurture and love us. The medical experts tell us that a child deprived of a loving touch will die of emotional starvation. The need to be connected with others is a basic human need which comes from having moved as souls from a state of total conscious awareness to a relatively unconscious mental condition. You might say that we lost ourselves when we were born and that sense of separation keeps us searching for that right relationship that will make us feel complete. Of course, this cannot happen, for we are already complete, with a full capacity for aliveness. Unfortunately, we don’t come with a set of instructions, so we spend a lifetime trying to fill the void we feel within by changing partners or blaming the one we’re with for our emptiness.

There is only one relationship out of which all others are born, that is the divine relationship we have with “self”. By self I am referring to that spark of life energy that was created out of God consciousness and is evolving as you and I. The “self” is complete, divine, perfect and pure love but how many of us see ourselves that way? We humans tend to focus on our imperfections which leads to criticism and judgment that results in the deepest of self hatred.

Why then do we think that the right person in our life is going to make us feel better? I suppose it is as simple and as complex as believing if someone else loves us, then we must be loveable and our self hatred gets pushed aside until we experience criticism or judgment from our loved one and the self hatred rears its ugly head even stronger and once again we come to the conclusion that we must be a terrible person for this loved one to have changed their mind about us. Of course, what our loved one is doing is simply projecting their own fears and insecurities and whatever other issues they are dealing with at the moment towards the person closest to them. That is the dance that many couples participate in throughout the relationship until one of them can’t take it anymore and leaves. Both will experience a deepened self hatred but the one that was rejected often will go through a period of depression with obsessive thoughts of the dearly departed. That pattern is often repeated through successive relationships until we discover that the intimacy with another that we crave is actually the deep desire to fill the void that we feel within our own soul, that sense of separation that we have with our God-self.

The divine relationship is nurtured through self-acceptance and self love of who we are right here and now which recognizing that our human nature is sometimes petty, mean, jealous and downright nasty. Accepting that shadow side of our personality allows us to accept the loving, forgiving side which is the normal polarity of our humanness. I believe that we are here on this planet to learn to love everyone, a universal love that will bring us into a love relationship with every soul we meet. That inter-connectedness that we are striving for begins in our own heart and mind by first accepting who we are, just the way we are and loving ourselves no matter how many mistakes we make and then extending that unconditional love and acceptance to our brother and sisters of the world.

This divine relationship with self brings about inner peace, family harmony, communities working together, nation’s united and global oneness. The first step is yours and mine and until we take it, nothing on earth will change either individually or collectively. Perhaps the slogan from the 60’s can be resurrected, “Make Love, Not War.” Begin today to think better of yourself, to treat your mate and family with the love and respect that you desire and see if that doesn’t make a difference in every aspect of your life. Imagine a world filled with souls committed to loving one another, an idea whose time has come.

How have you made a difference in your world by loving and accepting yourself? Share your thoughts with us. We need to learn from each other.

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