The Art of Living Free

November 13, 2011 | posted in: Spirituality | by

Freedom is our birthright! We are free to create any life experience we choose. We haven’t always known that. Most of us did not learn about our freedom from our families, our schools or our religions because freedom was not the prevailing consciousness of our youth. Many of us learned that life was tough, unpredictable and a struggle to overcome. Now we are seeing that life is a mystery to be revealed. We are exploring a new broader perspective of life.

There is that within us that is greater than anything is! In times of struggle or confusion, we have access to the intelligence of the universe, the God of the heavens. The same energy that created the heavens and earth. We have only to turn within and ask for help. Our prayers are answered even before they are asked and the answer is always available, if we are open and willing to receive.

In the midst of worry, you can shift your thoughts to a higher frequency where positive vibrations abound. Praise and appreciation for the good all around you will pivot you into a better place. In the middle of a fearful thought, look for something to feel good about. For instance, if you are worrying about money, instead of focusing on lack, shift your focus to something that you love. Think about your child or your puppy or the fall leaves. Whatever you focus on will expand so make it something beautiful.

When we take our mind energy off of the problem and put it on something that lifts our spirit, the energy around the problem becomes lighter and consequently solutions have the opportunity to come forth. We will not solve a problem at the level of the problem. It is imperative that we rise above the problem in our mind so our heart can be open to guidance.

Enjoy your freedom!

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