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Book – The Power Of Choice – 10 Steps to a Joyous Life!

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“I want my life to “TAKE OFF” but I just don’t have the tools! I know the tools are out   there, because I can see that there are people who are out there LIVING life to its fullest! What do they know that I don’t?”

Carole O’Connell has spent 30 years teaching the principles that will change your life for   the better! She’s an author, a motivational speaker and her passion is for everyone to live in the vibration of joy and to manifest their dreams: but most people don’t know how!

But how hard is it to change my life, to set it on a new path?Can one book really make an impact on my life? The answer is YES! One Book can change your life!

This book will show you how to:
• Recognize your Creative Power
• Decide your Life’s Priorities and Purpose
• Dream Big Dreams
• Let Go of the Past
• See Abundance instead of Scarcity
• Be Easy with Yourself

Paperback $10 (plus tax & S/H)

E-Book – The Power Of Choice – 10 Steps to a Joyous Life!

You work a lot at your PC/Laptop? You forgot to take your paperback with you? Download your copy also as e-book version conviently to your PC or Laptop.

Book – Seven Secrets to Abundant Living

Your birthright is unlimited abundance! Learn how to attract your good to you!

Spiritual teachers down through the ages have taught that we live in a stream of abundance, we are extensions of source energy and yet we find it difficult to tap into that stream. I have written this book to explore seven ideas for living a life of abundance which have supported my journey from lack to abundance consciousness.

The formula I am using for abundance is to enjoy:
• Perfect Health
• Unlimited Wealth
• Joyous Happiness
• Creative Self Expression

Paperback $10 (plus tax & S/H)

E-Book – Seven Secrets to Abundant Living

You work a lot at your PC/Laptop? You forgot to take your paperback with you? Download your copy also as e-book version conviently to your PC or Laptop.

Book – The Adventures Of CJ and Angel; The Scary Helicopter Ride

By Carole O’Connell, Illustrated by Sandy Fisher

This book is designed to show children the power of their choices and the natural consequences. The message is to make wise choices and to listen to their inner voice.

Paperback $10 (plus tax & S/H)

CD – Guided Meditations with Carole O’Connell

Music by Don Discenza

For years, you have asked for me to produce meditation CD’s. Here they are! Three meditations designed to relax and inspire.

• Releasing Negative Emotions CD
• Manifesting Personal Freedom CD
• The Power Of Forgiveness CD

All 3 Meditation CD’s ($30 value) for only $25.00 + FREE S/H!


Deep seated resentment influences every aspect of life. Forgiveness disconnects us from bondage to past experiences that we are still holding onto.

Audio CD $10.00 (plus tax & S/H)


Blame, shame and guilt are just a few of the negative emotions that keep us from our joy. Begin the process of releasing negative emotions and replacing them with positive, uplifting thoughts that leads to a peaceful heart.

Audio CD $10.00 (plus tax & S/H)


Freedom is our birthright. This meditation is designed to support claiming your personal freedom by declaring your hearts desires and opening yourself to receive the good that is available to you.

Audio CD $10.00 (plus tax & S/H)

Seminar – The Art Of Joyful Living

What would make life more wonderful for you? What is alive in you that wants to be expressed? Do you believed that life is a problem to be solved or a miracle to be revealed? This seminar is about living a life of high joy through practicing age old spiritual principles. I share the 4 most important principles that have been the foundation of my experiencing a joyous miracle filled life.

• Recognize your Creative Power. Know who you are!
• Unconditional acceptance of self and others
• You can co-create anything that your heart desires
• Allow the universe to handle the details in all things

The Seminar DVD – The Art Of Joyful Living: $10 (plus tax & S/H)


The Seminar Audio CD – The Art Of Joyful Living: $10
 (plus tax & S/H)



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