Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness

May 13, 2012 | posted in: Relationships, Spirituality | by 2 Comments

Most of us have lived lives of ‘quiet desperation’ as Thoreau said, replaying our programmed subconscious tapes of criticism, not good enough, failure; I never do anything right; nobody loves me and what’s wrong with me! With constant chatter going on it is not surprising to discover that life brings us experiences that reinforce our predominant thought patterns.

We can counteract those negative thoughts with positive phrases such as: I am wonderful; everything I do is successful; my figure is sexy and beautiful; my mind is filled with wisdom and so on; however, the resistance (called second force) that comes up when we entertain these ideas forces us unconsciously to choose between what we have ‘always’ believed and the ‘new’ thought. The strength of the old beliefs usually will overpower the new and our level of self-esteem remains the same. The only difference being that now we walk around with a smile because we are a positive thinker.

Instead of this mental manipulation, how do you suppose it would feel if we were to just be O.K. with ourselves, where we are in life, how we look, what our Dun and Bradstreet rating is, whether we are in a relationship or not….to appreciate ourselves just the way we are with no ego needs to be met, no changes necessary, no need to be better than we are right here, right now!!

It is the natural course of the universe to propel us forward, into ever changing, always unfolding modes of growth that serves the highest potential within the divine plan of this life experience. We each travel a unique individualized path of spiritual growth and awareness. BY accepting ourselves just the way we are, we become open to a higher force, a divine power that will guide and direct us to the greatest growth possibilities. Following this path is more demanding, more rewarding and far more stimulating than the way of the world.

The common person manipulates the world based on the expectations of society. The extraordinary person flows with the tides of the universe, sliding around curves, bending with the wind, experiencing leaps of consciousness by simply being still; listening and moving forward into the motion of life, not as something to accomplish but rather as an experience to be cherished and lived. Accepting ourselves just the way we are with all of our faults, all of our ‘stuff’ moves us away from the destructive critical self talk that has dominated our consciousness and opens the possibility of expanded awareness beyond anything we have ever known.

Oh, by the way, this accepting ourselves just the way we are idea is a lifelong process. There are no techniques, no short cuts and no affirmations that will take us there. This is truly a journey of the soul. Just stay focused on the beauty around you, the many blessings that fill your life, appreciate and be grateful for the many aspects of your life that are working. You will be amazed how the solutions to your problems with come forth.  Can you do that?  A better question is are you willing to do that? Try it for 30 days and see what happens in your life.


Let me know how it works for you

2 Responses to Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness
  1. Your posts keep my head above the water during my tough times. Plz never stop and plz return to Monday Coversations with Carole at Unity. Stumbling along without your guidance…and yes I am talking with “him” daily. Yes, he responds too! judy

    • HI Judy,
      Glad that the posts are helping. I am at UNity North on the first Sunday of each month. Also you can go on my website and listen or read many inspirational thoughts. Glad you are meditating and receiving guidance. Follow your heart, your feelings are your guidance system. If youa re feeling bad, shift your thoughts to the many good things in your life and you will be lifted up.

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