Making Wise Choices

March 20, 2012 | posted in: Relationships, Spirituality | by 2 Comments

“No matter what the problem is, how acute it may be or how difficult the person may be, there is in the final analysis no one to change but yourself.”                             Joseph Murphy


Every moment we are making choices that either support or negate our well being. How you feel is your point of attraction and what you are manifesting is always a match to your vibration. When we came into this physical incarnation, we brought with us the gift of choice. That gift of choice is so powerful that it governs our entire life.


Living an abundant life means that you are choosing health, wealth, creative self expression, peace, joy and love. Every painful experience holds within it the seed of joy if you choose to look for it. Everything in your life must change. Change happens whether we want it or not. Change is inevitable; personal growth is a choice.



1.     For one week, be aware of the choices you are making. Are you seeing the glass of life half full or half empty? You will clearly see how you are attracting your current life experience.

2.     Make choices on what thoughts you are thinking. When out of harmony with anyone in your life, remember the good times, find positive aspects to appreciate and focus only on them for one week. You will experience enhanced enjoyment of each other.


Affirmation for this week:

I make wise choices every day. My life if filled with joy.

2 Responses to Making Wise Choices
  1. Yes Carole, I will do this for a week. I love it, thanks 🙂

    • HI Pat,
      Let me know how that works for you. I am always interested to see hoe people shift or improve these exercises.
      Have a great day,

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