Know Who You Are, You Are a Creator

April 11, 2012 | posted in: Health, Relationships, Spirituality | by 1 Comment

“To activate the creative forces that lie dormant in your life, you must go to the unseen world, the world beyond form.”

                        Wayne Dyer

You have the ability to create because you are part of a larger system of creative intelligence that permeates the universe. You may not have known it but you have been creating all of your life. Everything that has ever happened to you was because of your creation. Now don’t panic! Even the bad things that have happened to you have brought you to this place today where you are learning how to create what you want rather than what you don’t want.

We cannot help but create because we are thinking beings and every thought carries a vibration that draws unto itself a like vibration. For instance, if you are choosing thoughts of fear about your job and possibly being one of those about to be “downsized”, the vibration that you are radiating into the milieu of universal creative intelligence can only attract back to you experiences that are in alignment with that vibration.

The law of attraction works every time just like gravity. It is not personal; it is the law. If you were to look at the possibility of being downsized and chose to set into motion by your thoughts the idea that you were open to the highest and perfect outcome in this situation, whether that means losing your job or not, you will put forth a vibration that is in alignment with your higher self. Now, you can relax, stay in that vibration and allow your highest good to come forth. There may be something better for you than your current job. BY staying open, you are allowing your greater good to come to you. You will be guided into inspired action when the time is right.

It is that easy! You will be delighted to see how this works in your favor every time. Remember, if it is right for you, then it is right for those around you. You highest good is always in alignment with the highest good of those around you even if they don’t see it right away.


  1. 1.      Choose just one of the desires that are in your heart right now.
  2. 2.      Write down how you would feel if that desire was fulfilled.
  3. 3.      Ask for guidance for your next step.
  4. 4.      Give thanks that it is already done.

Affirmation: I am open to right and perfect outcomes for the desires of my heart.

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  1. Thanks Carole for the reminder. 🙂

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