How I Feel About Food

October 16, 2011 | posted in: Health | by 1 Comment

I am writing this blog on National Food Awareness Day for Blog Action Day. This year the subject is food!

Food is my friend! I love to eat! I think about what my next meal will be and plan my meals for the day. I am writing while eating an egg sandwich and drinking a latte at Starbucks. One of my favorite things to do. A good book to read while satisfying my taste buds.

I haven’t always thought so much about food but now that I am semi-retired I have more time to decide what I want to eat and when. I realize how important it is to eat healthy so I choose to balance healthy eating with a few not so healthy items like lattes.

There is so much information available about how to eat healthy that we no longer can claim ignorance. Here are a few tips that work for me around healthy eating.

1. Eat organic! Almost every food is now grown or produced organically.

2. Eat very little red meat or chicken and only that which has no antibiotics involved.

3. Eat wild fish rather then farm raised as it has more nutrients.

4. Eat several helpings of fruits and vegetables daily and supplement the rest of the daily requirement with a product such as Juice Plus which is fruits and vegetables in a capsule.

5. Use salad plates to ensure smaller portions. Portion control is at the heart of our overweight problems.

6. Use brown rice rather then white; whole wheat or artichoke pasta; multigrain bread and non dairy milk to round out your healthy diet.

These are just a few ideas for eating healthy. Healthy diets create healthy bodies.

Let’s grow old in bodies that are healthy and vigorous.

Happy Eating!!!!

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  1. That is such good advice for everyone. If we all ate like that on a regular basis, there would probably be less obesity issues.

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