How Can I Love You as Much as I Love my Dog?

October 18, 2011 | posted in: Spirituality | by 2 Comments
My dog Angel

Possibly the greatest need we all share is to be accepted an loved unconditionally. I don’t know about you but the only place I have ever received unconditional love and acceptance is from my dogs. It doesn’t matter if I leave her alone for hours or forget to feed her, she is always right by my side ready to love me.

Now there is a reason why we can’t do that with each other. As humans, we have expectations of ourselves and each other. When these expectations are not met, (unrealistic as they may be) we move into judgment. Have you noticed that what you judge in others is also present within you? Well, we don’t want to hear that do we? Just watch and see if those around you that you are unhappy with are not simply mirroring your own issues!
Let’s see if there is a way to love and accept each other as much as we love our pets.
1. For starters, let’s get real with ourselves. When something doesn’t feel good, stop and ask; “what is this about for me”? Recognize when our buttons are pushed, someone has hit a nerve that exists within us.
2. We can simply stay awake and watch how often judgement comes up during the day. Judgment of self says “I’m not O.K”……….Judgement of others says “they are not O.K.”
I believe that we are all doing the best job we know how to do at any given time. If we could do better we would so we can cut ourselves some slack! Would that not be true for everyone????
3. The final step for today’s message is: GET A DOG then giving and receiving unconditional love and acceptance is a daily joy. We can learn alot from our pets!!!!
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  1. My favorite time of day is when both dogs and the cat are all in my office enjoying some classical music. Our animals have taught us patience, love and the happiness of enjoying a good rawhide bone! (Not the humans of course!) Thanks for posting this reminder of how our pets make a difference and raise our energy every, single day.

  2. So true! We do love them unconditionally too. I think it’s because they can’t talk. 🙂 It is such a sweet thing to have that tangible piece of love all the time.

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