Forgiveness Empowers the Forgiver

March 29, 2012 | posted in: Health, Relationships, Spirituality | by

“There are no justified resentments.”

                        Wayne Dyer

When bad things happen, we are at choice. Life is perception and our ability to stay focused and positive in the face of tragedy or upset determines what we attract into our future. We can determine that life is against us and continue to play out each negative experience until it consumes us or we can acknowledge our sadness, we can grieve our loss and realize that life is bigger than any one experience. We are here to experience joy. We don’t want to waste our precious life on anger or grief. Look for the gifts that come from every experience and you will feel your heart open to that great and wonderful love that resides within you.

When my adult son made his transition suddenly several years ago, I had the opportunity to experience grief first hand. Even though I fully believed that he was alive and well on the non-physical side of life, that didn’t diminish my human sadness. I allowed myself to feel the grief and loss and also know the truth that all was well in my life, in the life of my family and in his life. I know that his passing was perfect even if I don’t know the reasons why. I fully trust the process of life and I feel his presence often.

Every experience in life holds within it a gift, a seed that we can allow to blossom into its fullness or wither.

Exercise: Look at your life, being very real with yourself to see if there is any area that you are still upset about or anyone that you are holding resentment around. Ask yourself if you are willing to forgive so that you can be free. If the answer is yes, then the process of letting go of unhealed emotions is simple. Use these affirmations and feel them down to your very essence.

I love and accept myself and all others unconditionally. I let go of anything unlike love in my consciousness and behold the magnificence of everyone in my life.


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