Faith is the Answer

January 13, 2012 | posted in: Spirituality | by

Faith is the answer to all challenges. Not blind faith but understanding faith. Understanding that we are never alone; understanding that we are extensions of God consciousness; understanding that we have only to release the problem into the healing, creative energy of God and allow the power of life itself to lift us up into a new perspective and to guide and direct our path to the right and perfect outcome.

Resistance in the form of fear or anger keeps us connected to the problem We cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem. Surrender brings us into alignment with solutions. Surrender means “to melt into that which is bigger than us”. When faced with an unwanted situation, immediately stop the negative thoughts, breath, turn within and begin to chant: “ALL IS WELL, ALL IS WELL” until you feel relaxed and beyond resistance. You may have to stop several times during the day and repeat this chant but it will help you to relax and build the faith that all really is well.

Remember there are no accidents or mistakes. Everything happens for a reason. We don’t necessarily need to figure out the reason why, we only need to know that there is a gift waiting our surrender, our release of fear and our faith. Let your prayer be.”SHOW ME, GUIDE ME, I AM AN OPEN CHANNEL FOR HEALING”!


I am a powerful expression of God consciousness. Today I release all resistance and allow my good to come to me.

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