Empowering Relationships/Marriages

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When I find myself in fear about the future or feeling judgment toward someone, I don’t feel good within myself. As soon as I become aware that I am having these negative thoughts or perhaps even in conversation with another about these subjects, I stop immediately and take a moment to shift my thoughts to a good feeling place. Sometimes that means I let go of the fear thoughts or the judgment and focus on something good that I can line my energy up with easily. Other times, I take the time to shift fear thoughts into a place of trust and faith that all things are working together for good in my life, now and always. Or I take my judgment and shift that vibration into acceptance, not always easy to do.

You want to see the person you are judging from a higher, more positive focus. Use your judgment as a contrast to what you desire.For instance, if someone is mistreating you, visualize how you would like this person to treat you. Begin to see this person as a powerful spiritual being that is expressing at the level of their awareness.

The experiences that we attract come to us by right of consciousness. There are no accidents or mistakes. We are always in our right and perfect place. learning exactly what we need to learn. The beauty of this knowing is the realization that by shifting our focus away from any challenging experience and focusing on the enormous amount of good that is always happening to us, we re-connect with the higher stream of consciousness and the challenges are lifted to a higher vibration so we can see them differently. There is far more well being in our lives then there is distress. Appreciate all of the good and watch how everything else responds to your higher vibration. Our job is to stay open and allow the abundance of all good, that is awaiting our acceptance to flow effortlessly.


I am an open channel for good to flow.

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