Do You Love Yourself?

November 28, 2011 | posted in: Spirituality | by 7 Comments


Did you know that?? You were created with the ability to co-create every aspect of your life. If you are seeing yourself less than perfect, you are living a lie.

Where do people get the ability to love others? It starts with themselves. IN order to accept and love others, you must first accept and love yourself. Easy, right???

Once we get mental and emotional barriers out of the way the love that is already inside of us will be revealed. What kind of negativity might be blocking us from loving completely? Things like fear, guilt, shame, criticism, anger and judgment will get in the way of loving self or others.

The great Sufi mystic, Rumi, wrote:

You were born with potential.

You were born with goodness and truth.

You were born with ideals and dreams.

You were born with greatness.

You were born with wings.

You’re not meant for crawling, so don’t.

You have wings.

Learn to use them and fly.

Try this affirmation for the week:

“AS I tune into divine love, I accept myself completely. I love myself because love is who I am.”

Be the voice for love wherever you go and watch how your life unfolds in wondrous ways.

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  1. Love reading this and being reminded of that which is so easy to forget.

  2. Hi!This is really a good post!

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