Be Easy With Yourself

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“Appreciation of others and the appreciation of yourself are the closest vibrational matches to Source Energy of anything we have ever witnessed in this universe.”

                        From the Teachings of Abraham

One of the greatest gifts I have received from my study of metaphysical philosophy is that “life doesn’t have to be difficult”. Early in my studies of spiritual thought, I had the impression that we came into this life experience to learn and grow. I had heard that this life is a school ground and we are in kindergarten. As my understanding deepened, I realized that we came here to be joyous creators. We will expand and grow along the way, for all of life is evolving and expanding but our true purpose for being here is to bring love and joy to the world as joyous creators. We are here to take thought beyond where it has gone before.

Even if your life has been a struggle up to now, with a focused effort and willingness on your part, you can shift your perceptions and transform your experience. It has taken years of practicing certain thought patterns to bring yourself to where you are now. It will take some time to up level your vibration through a new improved system of thought.

Everyone that I have worked with over the years has experienced a high feeling of joy and expectancy as they have worked these principles. Those that became impatient or anxious slowed down their progress for a person cannot raise their vibration with impatient thoughts. Until you have a consistent high joy vibration, there will be times when it feels as if nothing is happening. Do not despair for you have simply fallen back into your comfortable vibration, the one you have lived with for years. As you become conscious of this, simply shift your energy with a positive focus. I find that appreciation works well. Appreciation is a high joy vibration. Focus on appreciating the good things that are in your life already. You will be delighted to feel how easy it is to make that shift. Remember to be easy with yourself. Enjoy the journey into”joy”.


  1. 1.      Every night for one week, spend five minutes before going to sleep to focus on something in your day that brought you joy. Take that energy into your sleep state.
  2. 2.      End that time with this affirmation: “I sleep in peace, awake in joy and live in the consciousness of God”.
  3. 3.      Begin each day by focusing on the beauty of the day or anything that allows you to feel good. You are setting your tone for the day.

Let me know how this works for you and how you feel differently after one week of this practice. You might want to incorporate this as a daily practice after the first week. You will find that you sleep better and feel better getting up in the morning.

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