A Time of Renewal

March 17, 2012 | posted in: Spirituality | by

          What a perfect time of year to open our heart to the renewing of our minds. Mother earth is coming alive. The grass is turning green, the flowers and trees are beginning to blossom. AS we head into Easter, the idea of resurrection takes hold in our consciousness. A time of letting go of anything unlike love that still resides in our heart and mind and being reborn, renewed to the light that lives within us.

            We are here on a soul journey to bring forth the light of the divine that is our very essence and to let our light shine that the world might be made new. Every day we are born anew, every moment we choose to either let our light shine, be the voice for love, take a stand for peace OR we allow the world around us, race consciousness, to guide our thoughts. When we get caught up in “what is” in the physical realm, our energy becomes part of the problem. When we stay centered in the knowing that all is well, in spite of appearances, we are a force for good.

            Life is an amazing adventure of unfolding awareness. If you try to remember what your worries were about a year or two ago, you probably couldn’t even remember what they were. They either never happened or they came to pass. Wouldn’t it be better to trust that all things are working together for good in your life and not live in fear?

         It is a choice we make every day:

1. To love life,

2. To focus on the good,

3. To be grateful for the good in our life,

4.To take a stand for peace,

5.To be the voice for love,

6.To let our light shine,

Allow this season of awakening to open your heart, renew your mind and brighten your light.


Affirmation: I Am the light, the love and the peace that lifts up the world around me.



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